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The Half marathon runners at PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon 2016 can now look forward to achieving their targeted finish time with the help of experienced runners who have volunteered to be the Pacers for the 21.096 km distance. You will be able to identify a Pacer with the help of a flag, which he/she will be carrying , specifying the time within which he/she expects to cross the Finish mat.

    The pacers for 2016

Name of Pacer Bus Time
Manikandan Seenichamy 2:00Hrs
Navnath Dige  
Dr. Sandeep Lele 2:10Hrs
Sachin Khare  
Rohan Chavan 2:20Hrs
Arvind Bijwe  
Haridasan Nair 2:30Hrs
Nikhil Shah  
Rajesh Shinde  

Name of Pacer Bus Time
Dinesh Laungani 2:40Hrs
Avinash Bhosale  
Kaushik Panchal 2:50Hrs
Vivek Soni  
Dipak Bankar  
P. Venkatraman 3:00Hrs
Vaibhav Potdar  

    Official Pacing App For SHHM 2016

  We have also developed a Free Pacing App for your phones, which will help you to pace yourself & achieve your targeted finish time.  

    The profiles of the pacers

2:00 Hr Bus

1) Manikandan Seenichamy

There is a famous saying, "The man on top of the mountain, didn’t fall there". Manikandan is one such man who grew through the thick and thin of running times. Like all of us he has a great story to share.

Mani, as he is often called, started running because some of his friends were, in his mid 30’s. Within few months and races, he pleasantly found out that this is the sport that he should be in for the rest of his life. Running a 10k, half marathon or a full marathon requires exponential levels of endurance and stamina. Bitten by the running bug, Mani chose to strengthen himself through meticulously planned training schedules which he followed religiously, paving way for him to become a better runner.

Last year, he was chosen to be an official Sub-2 Hrs pacer for Satara Hill Marathon which he completed in 1:58 hrs, helping many runners achieve their dream target. Some notable half marathons where he paced his friends: Pinkathon(1:56 Hrs), Pune International Half Marathon (1:41 Hrs) and Run Powai Run(1.51 hrs).

Though he believe his personal best is yet to come, his PB’s so far: 3:54 Hrs in VVMM – 2014, 1:39 Hrs in Daman Wind Half Marathon and won the podium in Vadodara International Half Marathon in 2016, relay race. He is one of the PUMA RUNNING AMBASSADOR 2016. Mani looks forward to pace you for a Sub-2 finish in Satara Hill Marathon 2016. Are you ready?

2) Nawnath Dighe

Nawnath is a professional working in computer hardware, sales and service.

He is been running since last three years, as a participant in many marathons.

Running is his new found passion after his workplace. He discovered he loves to run when he first participated at SHHM three years ago. He is one bloke who loves to run fast, and he leads our pacers pack this year at SHHM.

His PB at a half marathon is 1:40.

He loves to guide and run with fresh runners, and help them attain their target finish times at a marathon.

2:10 Hr Bus

1) Dr. Sandeep Lele

Dr Sandeep is a dental specialist, an Orthodontist by profession.

He is a regular basketball player and he took up running around three and half years ago.

He’s a regular runner now, and he has ran many half and full marathons, in India and abroad.He has also successfully completed the challenging Comrades’ ultra Marathon at South Africa.

He’s a regular pacer at SHHM since last two editions, and is well versed with all the curves and slopes of our route.

Running is his new found love since last few years,he just loves to wear his running shoes and sweat it out, and he is always looked upon for advice and tips , in the running community of Satara.

2) Sachin Khare

Sachin is in the men’s grooming business, and he and his family run a chain of men’s parlours in western maharashtra.

He took up running as a hobby three years ago and hes a regular marathoner, who has ran many HM’s in the last few years.

He’s one of those kinds , where running runs in one’s veins. Running is definitely a big integral part of his life now.

His best time in a HM is 1:50

2:20 Hr Bus

1) Arvind Bijwe

Sports is my first love and Cycling & Running moves my soul. I am a sports person all my life; represent University in Basket Ball, played National in four sports, participated in various marathons and cycle races.

After working for 18 years in corporate world, I am lucky that I am able to follow my passion .Last 7 years I run a fitness club in Pune and also organize Marathons & Cycling expeditions.I love to participate in Marathons & Cyclothon, I think it’s a great opportunity to interact with fellow runners from various walks of life plus you get medal and tee, collecting them is my new hobby.

I have done pacing at various Marathons and also participated in almost all the big Marathons in India.

I am Co Founder of Runbuddies and created Marathons like Durshet Forest, Our Marathon ,NIO Vision Marathon etc

Last one year I have been running Half Marathon every week.

Satara Marathon is always special, beautiful route & nice people, ran all editions, and only missed one for Ladakh.

My pacing strategy is to maintain a steady pace, go easy on the steep climbs, hydrate regularly while climbing .While descending, almost 10 kms, steadily speed up and cover up the time.

More details on pacing please feel free to call me on or mail me on

2) Rohan Chavan

Rohan is a network engineer by profession, who is working in the tech industry .

He's another product of Satara’s running revolution which started with the initiative of Dr Sandeep Kate, with the first edition of SHHM.

Rohan has been running since last few years and has successfully ran many HM’s till date.

His PB is 2:05 at a half marathon.

He's one of the most eager members of the Pacing Team, who is looking forward to pace the crowd at SHHM this year.

2:30 Hr Bus

1) Mr Haridasan Nair

K.Haridasan Nair, Ex Army man 47 years, Proprietor of Radha Krishna Transport Cont (Transporter of Organics and Petro Chemicals) since 19 years in Thane.

Coach of Runtastics…Dilse (Wellness Paradigm) since 3 years in Thane d 1 year in Palm beach and Ghatkopar.

During my school days I always use to participate in 1500mtrs and 5000mtrs distance run. Then in 1986 I joined Indian Army. I started running long distances and representing the Goa state in which I was posted. Being in Army the training was very tough. Many a times I use to curse myself for joining the Army. But I was determined about my passion. I was kept reserved for the 1st inter company cross country competition(which includes damper road,mountain,fields,kacha roads and ground)of 18km in 1986.though I was not selected I was allowed to participate in the last moment which was held in Goa.More than 250 runners participated in this competition. To my and every ones surprise, I bagged the 2nd place and this was the turning point of my life as a runner. After this I got a serious training and coaching from coaches. I had only 2 pair of brown PT shoes (made of cloth) which was used for PT parade as well as for running. During raining season I use to run bare foot as I was afraid that my shoes would get dirty and would not dry easily. In 1990 January, I ran 21kms representing Goa in the National Cross country championship held at Udaipur. I bagged 3rd price and my good performance impressed Col.S.P.S.Rane Saab, who gifted me a Bata Power Shoe which was my first running shoes. During the period of 1986 to 1990 I have participated5, 000mtr and 10,000mtrs in ATNKK & G area (Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Goa) at Hydrabad.5000mtr…14.30mnts and 10,000mtr 30.33mnts.I used to practice everyday in the morning and evening except Sunday eveng.My long run practices in twice a week from Bambolim Camp to Madgaon Army camp in the morning (34km) and coming back by bus. I used to participate3000mtr steeple chase,5000mtr,10,000mtr,cross country ( 18km to 21km),Half Marathon ,Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon. Events Half Marathon more than 150, Full Marathon more than 100 and ultra more than 20 including Pune to Panvel 104km 4 years back) My best time in Half Marathon 66 Mnts and Full Marathon 2hour 26mnts.From 2000 to 2007 I took a break from events but continues to train and participated my Ist Mumbai Half Marathon in 2008 and clocked 1hour 43mnts and in 2011 I clocked 1hour 35mnts, 2013 I have participated Full Marathon and clocked 3 hours 36mnts.Now Iam focusing more on training. Myself this year in Aug I will Complete 32 years of running. For me running was and is my passion and slowly I realized that it is also a means for healthy and hearty life. It made me feel stress free. It gave me a chance to interact with many peoples.

Various Events I have participated Goa Marathon, Bangalore Marathon,Hydrabad Marathon,Illahabad Marathon, Udaipur Marathon, Delhi Marathon,MumbaiMarathon, Satara Marathon, Vasai , Thane., 12 hour Mumbai ultra 3 times and 75km Bangalore ultra last year. I train for 5 days which includes Strengthening exercises, core exercise, hill run, Speed Work out (Tempo run), Endurance run and stretching. My running goals to make people aware about the health benefits, To motivate more and more people to run, To remove the myth about running from peoples mind, To motivate more and more runners to participate Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon . I love to participate Comrade, Bangalore Ultra 100km( doing this Nov) , Boston and New York Marathon.

Running quotes… “Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time”.” Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what are made of. This is what we do. This is what its all about”.” I always loved running…It was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs”.

The runners inspire me in my Army times. Mr. Satish Gujjar( Raj)Mr. Reddy(Warangal),Mr. Harjinder Singh ( Punjab) and Jag dish Chand ( Kurukshethra)they are my co-runners, and in current times lots of runners in my mind ,I really respect all the runners from the bottom of my heart,.

Finally keep running and keep motivating others


2) Mr Nikhil Shah

Nikhil is a very familiar face in the running community of Maharashtra. He's a dedicated runner, and running is an important part of his daily schedule.

Nikhil has run all the Satara Hill Marathons so far. He has been running since 2009., and he is the founder of Pune Running Beyond Myself - the premium race(PRBM) at Pune. If you are in Pune you can give him a call and run with him any time. Nikhil has been a pacer for SCMM full Marathon for past 2 years

His strategy to pace at SHHM is to start easy but remain consistent and try to pick up a little bit of pace on the way back.So those following his bus , be ready for a nice and well planned ride till the finish line.

3) Dr Rajesh Shinde

Dr Rajesh is a gynaecologist by profession, practising since last 17 years in his own state of the art hospital.

He's a Yoga teacher- his part time hobby, he is imparting dedicated education of Yoga to all the folks out here since last 12 years, free of cost.

He got hooked on to running since the first edition of SHHM, and he's ran it every year since then.

He's a regular at marathons and half marathons, and he loves to keep on adding to the number of his run events.

He's looking forward to the new responsibility of pacing the SHHM this year, and we bet he will be an awesome pacer with his nice combo of Yoga and Running prowesses.

2:40 Hr Bus

1) Mr Dinesh Laungani

Dinesh Laungani runs an industrial manufacturing unit , also has agency for garmin watches and apart from running is a keen tennis player.

He has been running marathons since 2004

? run his fastest 10 Km in 50 mins ? run his fastest 21 kms in 1:58 mins ? run his fastest full in 4:47 mins ? has run a 8 hrs run and one 12 hr run

has paced at many events and in the year 2015 paced at 9 events having fun on the run is his mantra

2) Dr Avinash Bhosle

Dr Avinash is an Anaesthetist by profession .He’s a dynamic doctor to the core, and he efficiently juggles his busy work schedule and running in whatever time he gets.

He's one of the oldest members of Satara’s running brigade, he's done around 16 half marathons till date. He's a regular runner at SCMM and SHHM since many years.

He's also one of the adventure loving kinds, he treks a lot in the ghats of the Sahyadri, and also has a liking for cycling.

He's quite happy for the new responsibility of pacing at SHHM this year, and runners will definitely have a lot to share when they run with Dr Avinash this year at SHHM.

2:50 Hr Bus

1) Kaushik Panchal

Looking back.......... Running adds quality to your life and it is never too late to begin. Here, I stand in front of you, a live example of it. Today I can run marathons upto 72 kms, but 12 years ago, even I could not have told it to myself and believed it. Forget 72, even walking two kilometers was a task in 2003. At, 33, I was a walking list of ill health with back pain, acidity problem, obesity, peptic ulcer and an erratic ECG due to RBBB (a condition called Right Bundle Branch Block). As if that was not enough, I suffered an episode of Vasovagal syncope, one of the most common causes of fainting. Vasovagal syncope occurs when your body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. The trigger causes a sudden drop in your heart rate and blood pressure. That leads to reduced blood flow to your brain, which results in a brief loss of consciousness. It is usually harmless and requires no treatment. But it is possible you may injure yourself during a vasovagal syncope episode. Also, your doctor may recommend tests to rule out more-serious causes of fainting, such as heart disorders. All this was due to a unhealthy lifestyle of which I had made myself a victim. My medical bills kept piling up. Ill health and huge amounts of money spent due to medical bills added to my worries about my future. It was a visit to Canada that opened my eyes to the quality of life I should be leading. In the 40 days that I was there, I realised how much those people valued their life and took great care of their health. I would see people running on harbour front in the downtown area during lunch breaks! That made me determined to take control of my life, my health and improve the quality of my life. Luckily for me 2004 Standard Chartered introduced marathon in Mumbai which prompted me to take up the dream run of 7 kms in the very first edition itself. Today, I am glad I took to running and haven't looked back ever since. I have come …running….. a long way from there. I have participated in all the editions of Stanchart marathon, running the 21 kms half marathon and 42 kms full marathon since the last three years. In the last 12 years I have run four full marathons, 16 half-marathons, the 50 kms ultra run in Bangalore. Running the 72 kms of Mumbai ultra marathon in 12 hours has been the icing on the cake! But when I started 12 years back, my physical condition was such that I was hardly able to jog or even walk for 4 kms. I would develop cramps so often, it I made me wonder what was so wrong with me. It was then that I met a few runner friends of mine and joined them for group running. That helped me a lot as I started my regimen with structured training and it helped me to get rid of my cramps by proper hydration (drinking enough water) and maintaining the pace during the long run. Slowly, I began enjoying my long runs with much more ease than my short speed workouts. That was the deciding factor for me to run a full marathon and then 50km ultra and finally the 12 hrs run. Long distance runs proved beneficial for me in the sense that I could spend time with myself, introspect.....which proved to be kind of therapeutic. It also helped as a stress buster. I can vouch for running which has changed my life for good in these 12 years. Running has managed to keep me fit, healthy. I have become confident of covering a distance of 72kms. This, I found, was much more easier than running a full marathon where we all target a finish time. There have been ups and downs, but in the end I feel very happy and proud with my journey so far and from the bottom of my heart, I feel like I should share the joy of running with all.I have now started a runners acedamy and train new runners and convert my passion of running into profession. Come on run with me, the more the merrier

2) Vivek Soni

VIVEK SONI, A seasoned runner, have been running half marathon since 2011. Till date has done 4 SCMM half marathons & one full marathon SCMM, apart from many other half marathons, full marathoners & 10 K runs.
Best timing.
10K : 60mins.
21K : 2:19
42 K : 4:57.

Apart from running, he organises half marathons & 10 K runs in Mumbai , Thane & Navi Mumbai.

Under Dr Sudarshan Singh's banner JNM Event, he is the CEO.
Has successfully paced many half marathons.
Paced last year at Satara for 3:00 hour bus.
Now he is here to push you within 2:50. So catch his bus.......
Ting ting..... Wadap aali..... Chalak bolavto aahe... Yea 2:50 chi wadap madhe basa.....

3) Dr Dipak Bankar

Dr Dipak is a Radiologist by profession, runs his own diagnostic centre. He was a regular badminton player since childhood. He was introduced to running accidentally during first edition of SHHM and is into serious running since last 2 years.

Running has now become passion for him. Its something which keeps him fit and going.

He loves to motivate people to run with him. He is one of those who loves to lead by example - to a healthy and fit oneself!

He has ran one marathon (international) and many HM’s.

His PB at a Marathon is 5:15, at a HM is 2:11 and his PB at on Satara route is 2:17.

So he is now here to pace you all to finish in 2:50 time. It will surely be a fun filled joyful journey with him.

3:00 Hr Bus

1) P. Venkatraman

Mr. P. Venkatraman is a seasoned runner who has been running Half Marathons over many years. In fact, with a view to maintain physical fitness throughout the year, in the last three years he has been running the Half Marathon distance of 21 kms every single calendar month. He has run more than 68 Half Marathons so far. In Sep/Oct 2013 he ran 3 Successive Half Marathon on 3 consecutive Sundays. On the last of those Sundays he ran the Oxford Half Marathon with a Personal Best timing of 2:18. The Half Marathon distance is now something that he can run by design.

Besides running, he also loves to read about running and has built a library of running books over the years. This has enabled him to assimilate vast amount of knowledge on running which he delights in contributing on various running forum. In order to see that runners are trained better for long distance running he has formulated the ‘Marathon Training Workshop’ which was conducted in Panaji as part of Goa River Marathon preparations. He has also initiated, together with Asian Heart Institute, India's largest Sweat Rate study. In January 2014 he conducted India's first Running Summit, an pan Indian congregation of runners and running event organisers. At the Summit also released was India's first Medical Directors Handbook for Racing event organisers.

He regularly logs all his runs using his Garmin Heart Rate Monitor and these can be viewed at http://connect.garmin.com/activities?cid=2064843 He has been a Pacer in SCMM since last four years. He has also paced in Borivili National Park HM of Aug 2012 where he organized the Pacing efforts as also in the Airtel Delhi HM of Sep 2012.Besides leading the pacing efforts for Goa River Marathon for 2012 and 2013, he has also led pacing efforts for Hyderabad in 2013 and Pune Running in 2013. He has successfully led his 3 hour 'Bus' adhering to the pacers credo of not more than a minute early, not a second late. He has also written India's first Pacers Manual, a document that shares with all Pacers the do's and don'ts of good Pacing.

He is a strong enthusiast for good healthy living and enjoys giving first time runners the thrill of successfully completing their first Half Marathon in 3 hours.

2) Vaibhav Potdar

Vaibhav is an electronic engineer and works in industry automation projects, he also has an unit manufacturing medical equipments.

He's a sportsman since childhood , being a volleyball player he has played many local , state and national tournaments.

He took up running as a fitness exercise, and has ran many half marathons till date.

He loves to run with pacers at a HM, and he's proud to be one of the pacing team members at SHHM this year.