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Places of Interest in Satara

Ajinkyatara Fort

Satara city itself is spread over the slope of fort Ajinkyatara, a historical fort .
A Good motorable road of 5 km takes you to the top of the fort. A breathtakingly marvelous scene of Satara city from the fort is a one of a kind experience.

Char Bhinti Hutatma Smarak

Built in the memory of Martyrs of the 1857 freedom movement. Recently renovated.
In the heart of the city.

Natraj Mandir

It's a beautiful Temple of 'Lord Shiva' (Natraj).
Where 'Nataraj' is Lord Shiva's beautifully dancing 'Avatar'. The temple is also called "Uttar Chidambaram Shri Natraj Mandir." It has four entrances in four directions. Only three kms from the centre of the city.

Sangam Mahuli

Confluence of Venna and Krishna river. 5 kms from Satara City, on Koregaon Road.

Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum

Satara, the erstwhile Capital of Maratha Kingdom has a rich heritage. It has been ruled by successors of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj till 1839. Museums and historical places are a major inspiration to the people. The ground stone of this museum was laid in 1966 and was completed in 1970. The Museum was inaugurated by the then Home Minister of India late Y. B. Chavan, with blessings from Shrimant Chhatrapati Sumitra Raje Bhosale.

The museum was mainly constructed to reveal the varied culture of 17th and 18th Century. The museum is divided into 2 sections, exhibition articles and Maratha art Gallery. The Exhibition articles are mainly displayed in following 4 sections,

1. Weapons Section 2. Inscription section 3. Paintings Section 4.Textiles.

Takht (Seat) of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj

Sword, weapons & various equipment's in 17th & 18th century

Shield, Sword, weapons & Painting of Ch.Shivaji Maharaj

Places of Interest Around Satara

World Heritage Site Kas Plateau Of Flowers

This place is famous for the hundreds of species of flowers , that bloom in the months of August to October, creating a magical landscape unique to this region. It has been recently recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Thousands of visitors flock to take in this beautiful sight in the monsoons and post monsoon season. One needs no more reason to visit SATARA , even if this is all that is possible in a short time.
Only 21 kms from Satara on a beautiful road drive . About 15 kms from the turn around point of the half marathon.


Kass Talav (Lake)

Kas Plateau is at a height of above 3500 feet & built in 1844. Kas Talav is the main source of drinking water supply for Satara City. It is 22 kms from Satara. It is a much loved picnic spot for most Satarkars.

Shri Bhavani Museum,Aundh

Late Shrimant Bhavanrao alias Balasaheb Maharaj Pantpratinidhi (Raja of Aundh State) was a good artist and lover of art. He had a good collection many paintings, statues, sculptured pots, weapons and holy books and many more. He wanted to give the benefit of his collection to the people. He established Shri Bhavani Museum & Library in 1938. It has a rich collection of articles of sandalwood and ivory, Indian miniature paintings, Bengali/Western paintings, etc. The Strong room here boasts of very valuable ornaments and diamond collections.

The Museum has more than 8,000 articles and 16,000 books including 3500 holy books (handwritten). Shrimant Balasaheb Maharaj studied the science of museums and constructed the present building with the help of foreign architects, considering natural light , ventilation and protection. It's a great wonder to see the huge one man collection in such a rural area of the district. The scenic building of the museum situated on the slope of Aundh Hill, famous 'Yamai Mandir' is located at the top of hill with height approx. 800 ft. Aundh is 43 Kms from Satara, well connected by road.


Statue of Shrimant Bhavanrao alias Balasaheb Pantpratinidhi,
Raja of Aundh and founder of the museum.

The only sculpture in India
"Child & Mother" made by world famous European sculptor Henry Moor.

Paintings of Raja Ravivarma

Famous painting "Oleti" of Thakursing.
The paintings of Raja Ravi varma, Thakursing, Western artist include Karnil, Andridil, Sortobardana, Francis Goya, Chairasee Frank, Estman, Mistueth, Jones Bero etc are exhibitedn this museum.
The pictures of this museum, 'Road to Paris', Views of Venus, 'Boy Volunteer', Sunset, Final mealand models of 'Monalisa', 'Mother & Baby' , Virgin Woman's are the best ones.

Mother & Child ( in Marble)
The sculptures of bronze like 'Running Mercury', 'Kamdev', 'AgniDev' etc also decorated here. The statues of 6 Indian seasons are kept in the garden.

Paintings of Raja Ravivarma