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The Kashmir of Maharashtra...

Mahableshwar is the best hill station of Maharashtra. It is situated about 4500 ft. above sea level on the Sahyadri spurs. It was the erstwhile summer capital of Old Bombay Presidency. The tourists are enthralled by its exotic greenery, beautiful gardens & breath-taking scenery. Numerous majestic mansions built during the British days still stand as monuments of the Raj.

Arthur's Seat

This is a famous point of Mahableshwar. The enchanting view of the deep valley of Savitri in Konkan on left and dense forest called "Bramhaaranya" of Deccan to the right makes you forget everything and you can also see Raigad fort & Torana fort, if the weather is clear. There are many points on this route like Tiger Spring,Echo Point , Elphinston Point and many others.

Echo Point

On the way to Arthers point you can see breath-taking scenery of echo point. The deep valleys and sharp cuts of mountains

Venna Lake

Venna lake with an area of 28 Acres and average depth of 10 ft. constructed by Ch.Appasaheb Maharaj, Raja of Satara in 1842 and fed by perennial springs not only adds to the beauty of the hill-top but both directly and indirectly aids in watering a line of small gardens that stretch to a considerable distance below. The area surrounding the Lake is full of greenery and flowers. It is Situated 2 Km from the ST Stand on Panchgani road.

Sunset Point

The marvelous scene of Koyana in the deep valley. It presents an immensely beautiful view at sunset time.

Lingmala Water Fall

This is a very good picnic spot , close to Venna Lake situated on the road to Panchgani.

Pratapgad Fort

Pratapgad is 27 kms from Mahabaleshwar on Mahad Road. It is a very important fort as the major fight with Afzal Khan took place here on 10'th November 1659. In 1656 Ch. Shivaji Maharaj built this fort. The height of this fort is 3543 feet above sea level. Also temple of Tulja Bhavani has been built here by Ch. Shivaji Maharaj. You can have vast look out of Hundreds of kilometer area right from Konkan.

Tapola ( Boat Club )

Tapola Lake, the beautiful lake located at 30 Km from Mahabaleshwar is a famous picnic spot for enjoying boating . This lake is part of Shivsagar the vast expanse back water of Koyana Dam


Temples & Pilgrim Centres

Kuraneshwar (Khinditil Ganapati)

Temple of Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva, situated on Old Satara-Kolhapur road, 1 km away from Satara City. It is a famous historical temple of 'Swyambhu Ganesh', the 'Gram daivat' of Satara.

Yawateshwar Temple

This temple is of Lord Shiva. It is very ancient and has historical references. On the day of 'Mahashivratri' and in 'Shravan' people visit this temple with great holy spirit. The Ghat starts just from the Satara City and temple is situated 5kms away & is at the height above 2500 feet above sea level. The lush green area from this temple to Kas is fastly growing up as a Tourist Place.


Wai (the Dakshin kashi of India) is situated just 33 kms away from Satara. It is famous for its temples & ghats. "Maha Ganpati Temple" is here which is worshipped by many holy men & women all over the state. It is the important Pilgrim & Cultural Centre of Maharashtra. The office of Marathi Encyclopedia (Vishwa Kosha) is here. There is a Dam across the Krishna River at Dhom just 9 KM away from Wai.

Shikhar Shinganapur

Very ancient temple of lord 'Shiva' on the hill called Shikhar Shingnapur is about 89 Km from Satara on Satara-Akluj road. Huge gathering of devotees on eve of 'Mahashivratri takes place here every year. It has many historical references about visit of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Chaphal (Ram Mandir)

Chaphal is situated just 35 kms from Satara 15 kms away from Umbraj (pune-banglore national highway). Samarth Ramdas found idols of Shri Ram in the river near Angapur and built the temple at Chaphal. The temple is built in marble and is good example of architecture.


Aundh is 30 kms away from Satara. Previously, it was the Capital of Princely State of Aundh. The Yamai Devi Temple and the Museum here are famous. Museum is having over 8000 precious articles in its collection.

Masjid & Minars of Karad

Famous Masjid of Karad built by Ibrahim Khan, Sultan Ali Adil Shah of Bijapur before 1580. Minars of height 32.3 meter can be viewed from several miles.


Dams in Satara District

Koyna Dam

One of the largest Dam in the state built on Koyna river, completed in 1963 with capacity 98.78 TMC. Hydroelectric Project of 1920 MW. 98 Kms from Satara, 20 Kms from Patan. Very beautiful picnic spot. Nehru garden near the Dam is also good place to visit.

Kanher Dam

Built in 1986 on Venna river, 10.10 TMC Kanher Dam is very beautiful spot to visit. Hydroelectric Project of 4 Mw., 8 Km from Satara City on Satara-Medha road. One can enjoy very scenic view of this dam from Yavteshwar Hill , during the half marathon run in the hills.

Dhom Dam

Built in 1978 on Krishna river, 13.50 TMC Dhom Dam is a very beautiful spot to visit. Hydroelectric Project of 2 Mw. 44 Km from Satara City ( 9 Km from Wai ). Boat Club Is facility available here, which can be viewed from Table Land of Pachgani. Aqua culture activities are being taken up in this dam.