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   YOU DID IT!!!


Together as a team, we have now set a new benchmark for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the "Most people in a mountain run - single mountain".

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Thank you Runners, Volunteers and all our Supporters !

This is the result of our combined efforts. We have managed to pull it off against seemingly insurmountable odds.

You are now a proud member of a record breaking team.


The previous record in the same category was for 2122 people.With your help, we have managed to set a new record in this category, by a big margin of 496 ! So now the record for the "Most people in a mountain run - single mountain " stands at a healthy 2618 !!!

If you wish to, you can purchase your own individual GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Certificate of Participation, which recognises and celebrates your important contribution to a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. It will be the official seal of your record setting status and confirm your place in history. You can purchase your certificate from the company, using the Unique participation codes, which we will soon provide to all the runners, who helped to make this possible. You can hang it proudly on your wall, alongside your hard earned medal !